With experiences towards future

The success story of our mid-size family business all starts in the year 1946. At a location just to the east of the old glass factory (see picture above) at Lünen's Borker street. Since then SIBA evolves to become one of the leading german fuse manufacturer. We have compiled important steps of this development:

2011    New office and warehouse building will be completed

2010    Conversion of SIBA GmbH & Co. KG into SIBA GmbH

2008    60 years membership of the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies e.V.

2006    60 years of SIBA

2004    Conversion of Sicherungen-Bau GmbH into SIBA GmbH & Co. KG

2002    Introduction of infor:com as new ERP software

2002    SIBA GmbH Beijing is formed in China

2001    SIBA L.L.C. is formed in USA

2000     Certification of our environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 14001

1999     SIBA Polska sp. z o.o. is formed in Poland

1996     SIBA Far East Pte. LTD. is formed in Singapore

1995     Certification of our quality assurance system to DIN ISO 9001

1995     Founding "Verein des umweltgerechten Recycling von abgeschalteten NH-/HH-Sicherungseinsätzen e.V." (Founding member)

1995     SIBA Pisek s.r.o. is formed in Czech Rep.

1994     SIBA Nederland B.V. is formed in Netherlands

1994     SIBA LTD. is formed in UK

1993     International recognition of our quality assurance system through award of the EQ-Net-Certificate 

1991     Certification of our quality assurance system to DIN ISO 9002 by DQS and ASTA.

1990     Takeover of Dortmund-based ELU

1989     SIBA Sicherungen- und Schalterbau Ges.m.b.H & Co. KG is formed in Austria

1987     SIBA Fuses S.A. is formed in Johannesburg

1985     Addition of a new factory significantly enlarges our capacities

1972/76  Expansion of production floor area and purchase of new properties

1966     Launch of an international distributor network

1952     Holland marks the beginning of a Europe-wide distributor network

1951     Miniature fuses for electronics as well as fuses to American standard are added to our program

1950     Production of newly developed low and high voltage fuses

1946    The company’s founder, Carl Linz, starts recycling old fuses

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