"Sun Protection Factor" for Solar Power

New brochure describes expanded product range

August 2008 - Faced with higher energy costs, more and more consumers are turning to solar power that generates income - and not costs. First, though, they have to invest in their roof, which costs money. And needs to be protected. To help them, fuse manufacturer SIBA is steadily expanding its product range for photovoltaic arrays. A new brochure presents the company's expanded portfolio for photovoltaic (PV) applications.
SIBA's new fuses address the needs of inverter makers and other component manufacturers with a smaller footprint, higher DC ratings, and features tailored for PV installations. SIBA now offers fuses for operating voltages ranging from 400 to 1100 V - in many cylindrical designs from 6.3 x 32 to 20 x 127 mm and in various sizes for low-voltage (NH) fuses.
Thanks to its well-trained sales staff and dynamic research and development department, SIBA can also provide proven, pragmatic tips for PV system installers and manufacturers who want to select the right PV fuse. Despite the multiplicity of PV installations, the industry still does not have a single set of guidelines for selecting and installing fuses.
A new brochure entitled "Sonnenschutzfaktor P" (Sun Protection Factor P) describes SIBA's photovoltaic product range in detail. Available in both English and German, the brochure can be ordered as a hard copy or downloaded here as a PDF file in the semiconductor fuse section of the catalogue page.



Artikler om produkter
Ud over nyheder har vi også andre artikler fra sikringsverden. Nogle produktartikler omhandler bl.a. erfaringer og idéer fra kunder.
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